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December 18, 2014

EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel I’m always so sad when a party is over. I love to party. But these days, I also love my sleep! (Thanks, Vita.) The holiday EAT DRINK CREATE event went by fast fast fast. And it was such a blast this year. Last year’s event was a huge blowout, and while that’s super fun, I wasn’t able to have a really great convo with every attendee. Instead, I was running out like a crazy person saying “hi” to everyone in my path. This year, I made things a little more intimate by capping it so only 50 attendees could come. I can handle talking to 50 people. I’m Italian. We can juggle our conversations. ;)


I teamed up with West Elm again to host the event. I’m thinking we jmight just make that our annual holiday location because they are way too great when it comes to coordinating everything. Not to mention, the store is already gorgeous so the styling for me (while that’s my favorite part!) is minimal. EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel

I set up several DIY stations where folks could craft to their heart’s content. EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel EAT DRINK CREATE HOLIDAY BASH with The Proper Pinwheel

Get ready for picture overload! You want to see them so click on~!

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DIY \\ Floral Pie Topper & Wreath

November 19, 2014

DIY Floral Pie Topper

Today’s the magical day that we finally talk about pie! Remember last month when I taught the EAT DRINK CREATE pie workshop? And it was amazing, and wonderful, and I want to do it again?! I thought you’d remember. I always get nervous when putting these events on. (Sign up for the holiday workshop here!)  It’s like in high school when you’re throwing a party, and you’re afraid nobody will show. Ya feel me? But tickets sold out in a matter of days! So then I got all cocky. Just kidding. You can read all about it today over here on Style Me Pretty Living!

Aside from making and decorating pies, we also used some amazing blooms provided by Flower Muse to decorate the pies with. So let’s talk about how to make a floral pie topper & wreath, shall we? It’s easier than you think and really packs a pie punch.  DIY Floral Pie Topper amirigggghhhhtttt? Honestly, this pie stayed in our fridge for weeks because I thought it was too pretty to eat. I just kept snapping an inappropriate amount of photos of it!
DIY Floral Pie Topper DIY Floral Pie Topper

Flower Muse knocked it out of the park with the flowers they sent. It was so fun for me to create arrangements, big and small, for the tables! And they look especially pretty in my animal head vases from Anthropologie!
DIY Floral Pie Topper DIY Floral Pie Topper

Minted Cherry Pie Print

Check out the full recap for the workshop here on Style Me Pretty Living! And, of course, don’t forget to watch the short video! You can view it at the end of this post and on the Style Me Pretty recap! :)

Now, let’s get to the wreath business.

DIY Floral Pie Topper

Keep reading to see more floral pie toppers!

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EAT DRINK CREATE Holiday Bash at West Elm

November 7, 2014


I can’t really believe what I’m typing. We’re nearing the end of 2014. What the what the?!?! I feel like I was JUST recapping last year’s Eat Drink Create Holiday bash and here I am announcing the new one! (And get ready, because I’m soon sharing all the deets from last month’s pie workshop! It was amazing. I’m not just saying that.)  I don’t know where the time went?! But you know? I’m so excited about this one. I’m always excited about the holidays in general. I love getting presents! I mean giving them. I love to GIVE. And wrap. And okay, I like to accept… So sue me. ;)

I was on the fence about doing another EDC Holiday party. I’ve just been so burnt out with the baby thing and the diabetes thing that I really didn’t know if I was up for it. And I have received SOOOOOO many emails and messages requesting one because last year was, seriously, the most fun anyone’s ever had at a West Elm on a snowy night while SOBER! And thinking about it, I just decided to make it an annual thing.

EDC Holiday


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September 16, 2014

People of the internet. I have been working so hard to keep this under wraps and today is the day that I get to spill the beans! It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with sweets. And when they’re pretty? Even better. Pie is no exception. And now that the Fall season is upon us, it’s time to eat lots of pie. And if you’re in Denver, you should most definitely come party with me next month at the newest addition to the EAT DRINK CREATE event series - a pie workshop!

pie workshop

Come hang out at Denver’s newest urban event space, 3126 Larimer. The place is all white and all right. We’ll be learning the art of pie art! We’ll be making pies and decorating pies and then, of course, eating pies! It’s just in time to help you prepare to wow your Thanksgiving guests with pie from heaven.

Decorative Pie Workshop

At the workshop, we’ll each make a tasty pie and learn different techniques for decoration. We’re talkin’ crust designs like half-moon trims, calligraphy designs, braided edges, and lots more. You’ll get to take it home and flaunt your domesticity to your friends and loved ones. Who doesn’t love to pie-brag? That’s a thing. It’s a crust-creation-celebration!

Decorative Pie Workshop Decorative Pie Workshop Decorative Pie Workshop

Of course, no creative workshop would be complete without baller goodies for each guest to take home. Each attendee will get all the supplies needed to bake the perfect pie (ingredients, pie tins, rolling pins, pastry cutter, custom aprons, etc.). You’ll head home with gifts and goodies totaling over $100 including a gorgeous print from the masters of paper, MINTED. And, I totally want to keep it a surprise, so you may or may not be getting one of these gorgeous wooden boxes from PIEBOX!

I get butterflies just looking at those photos.

After we’ve worked up a sweat with our pastry pretties, we’ll kick back and enjoy some tasty treats including some delish pie from local Denver pie professionals, The Long i Pie!

Decorative Pie Workshop

There’s just so much goodness that’s going to happen! So join me on Thursday, October 9th, at 6:30pm, won’t ya?! This is going to be intimate as we’ve capped the guest list at 25 people! So snag your friends and snag a spot!

Tickets are currently $10 off until 9/22 and you can purchase your tickets here on BROWN PAPER TICKETS! All the deets are there! Can’t wait to see you! Follow the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate to see sneak peeks! It’s good stuff, you guys. Read the invite up close and personal here – Pie Workshop Invitation

Buy tickets for EAT DRINK CREATE | Pie Workshop with Lexy Ward

To see photos and videos from past EAT DRINK CREATE events, click below!

EDC Holiday

EDC Spring

EDC Summer

photography: PIEBOX photos via PIEBOX, all other photos by The Proper Pinwheel

invitation design: Kirsten Bingham

Eat Drink Create – Holiday

January 14, 2014

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

If it’s possible, the holiday installment of our EAT DRINK CREATE party series here in Denver was my absolute fave. I look forward to throwing these parties, but there is something so magically awesome about Christmas-time. You get to dress up. Drink hot chocolate. Eat caramels. Eat pie. Eat peppermint. And toffee. And all kinds of candy… Somebody stop me.

The latest version of EDC was a total hit and Erin and I were so blown away by the awesome brands we partnered with and the awesome party goers who came to have a good time! We teamed up with some exciting peeps to make sure this was the best EDC yet, and it totally was. Take a look!

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

We partnered with West Elm to host the bash. We wanted a gorgeous space that could fit all of our guests and we knew that West Elm would be the perfect place to do so! I don’t mean to brag (except that I do), but the staff at the West Elm in Cherry Creek is so helpful and fun to work with! They gave us everything we needed and helped make sure every detail was in place before the guests arrived. They also gave away a gorgeous throw and gift card to two lucky party peeps. I was having a hard time letting go of the throw blanket because, well, I wanted it for myself.

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

EAT – My favorite aspect of any party is always the food. Always. Always. If you live in Denver, or if you’ve ever visited me here, you know about Happy Cakes Bakeshop. These guys just do everything right with sugar. Their cupcakes are top notch. And so were the delish cookies they provided! I kept passing by the dessert table all night to pop a cupcake in my mouth. And to snag a cookie. If I spoke to you, I apologize for the mouth full…

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 5

DRINK – Who’s in love with the wreaths around these drinks? Me! Styling these parties is so fun and it’s even better when you have a gorgeous product to work with. I’m a picky drinker. I really only drink three things: Diet Coke, milk, and water. I decided to add Zevia to my list because they have a pretty tasty cream soda! The Zevia folks made our night absolutely awesome by not only helping us make this party a reality, but by helping us provide beverages to the masses. These cute bottles were a hit and so was the custom Merry Berry Mocktail (recipe here!) we were able to create together!

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

CREATE – People need pretty drinks. I can’t have you drinking an ugly beverage at one of our events! We set up a station where guests could create jingle bell cocktail stirrers so they could jingle while they mingle! Want to see the full tutorial! You’ll need to pin it to remember for the next holiday season!

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

What’s a party without some sha-wag? We were so happy to give our party peeps all kinds of little goodies.

Look at that adorable greeting card from Sugar & Type. She donated a variety of baller cuteness for our guests – I mean, check out this Llama Mistletoe card!

Louise of Design Stitch Go gave guests the cutest measuring tapes! I’m always carrying a tape measure in my purse, and it’s heavy and clunky and I wish it were cuter. Problem solved.

And then we threw in some tinsel and disco balls for the ultimate in party prep. It’s for charity.

Let’s talk about the cutie patootie bags and custom labels from Pinhole Press?! I love having my name on things. I’m super vain. P.S. Pinhole Press lets you customize all sorts of paper goods. Our holiday cards were from Pinhole Press this year and we loved dressing those up and sending them on their merry way!

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 3

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

No winter party is complete without hot chocolate. That’s right. Ticket Chocolate from Ticket Kitchen should be with you wherever you go. We had a slew of flavors to give to guests including Belgian Milk, Salted Caramel (yum!), Peppermint, and Vanilla Mint!

Fact: I eat these like suckers. Not kidding.

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 2

Months before this party came together, I came across these stinkin’ great gable boxes from D & P Celebrations and knew that we had to have them for the holiday bash. Everything in their store is amazing but the designs for these boxes were just perfect! They were so fun to package up and send off with guests as they left! Thank you, thank you D & P for fulfilling my dreams!

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

I believe the biggest hit of the night had to be our other DIY station from Whimseybox! What creative person doesn’t love a place filled with kraft paper, stamps, and all sorts of gift wrap goodness?!? People were going crazy creating custom gift wrap to decorate their presents for the holiday season! The Whimseybox folk always know how to have a good time. After all, they’re all about DIY!

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 4

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 6

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 1

Of course we had a photobooth with props. Guest could set up right in front of a cozy faux fireplace and snap away! We had all kinds of fun holiday-themed props including some paper goods from Minted! They always supply us with the best decor for these parties!

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

We be grammin‘. Instagram has to be my favorite thing on the planet. After baby girl Vita, of course! Guests were grammin’ all the action and you can check out their tweets and photos with the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate!

View More: http://katiehellingerphoto.pass.us/eatdrinkcreatewinter13

These parties are fun because of the people who attend them. I’ve said it before, but I always get nervous before an event. Like a high school girl throwing a party and fearing that only her parents will show! Thank you thank you to everyone who braved the blizzard to be with us!

I can’t rave about our rockstar photographer, Katie Hellinger, and videographer, Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions enough. These two are an absolute dream to work with and they capture the essence of partying so perfectly! Thanks, ladies! Check out all the photos from the party here!

And of course, my favorite afterparty of the party is always the video. If for some reason you can’t view it below, please click here to watch it on Vimeo! You can also check it out on Erin’s blog in her recap!

And thank you thank you to the amazing sponsors who help us make each party a hit! We couldn’t put together such a good time without you!

+ D & P Celebrations
+ Design Stitch Go
+ Happy Cakes
+ Minted
+ Pinhole Press
+ Sugar & Type
+ Ticket Chocolate
+ Whimseybox
+ Zevia

Special thank you to Yoked: Where bloggers & businesses meet. They had such a huge hand in making this party bigger than we imagined!

Photos by: Katie Hellinger Photography
Video by: Evergreen Lane Productions

*Interested in getting your business or brand involved with EAT DRINK CREATE? We have a ton of ways to collaborate! Email me – theproperpinwheel@gmail.com

Party With Me At The Holiday Eat Drink Create

November 7, 2013


It’s that time of year! The holidays are here! Christmas! Christmas. Our EAT DRINK CREATE party series has been such a fun one this year and each event gets better than the last. Erin & I have got so many fun things up our sleeves for the holiday edition. We’ve partnered with West Elm here in Denver to make this party a holiday heaven!

If you’re in the Denver area, join us on December 5th at the West Elm in Cherry Creek. There will be some delish treats from Happy Cakes! You know they make one of the best cupcakes in the city. I usually buy half a dozen for myself. Zevia will be there workin’ it with some holiday beverages!

As always, the first 50 people to arrive will receive something extra special! Including a sweet secret something from Sugar & Type! So get there on time, my friends. Get there on time.

The folks at Yoked have helped make this party a reality. We’re big fans of what they’ve got going on. As a blogger, it’s tricky to find partnerships with companies that fit your aesthetic. Yoked busts their butts to help connect businesses and bloggers and create fruitful relationships. It’s like E-Harmony! Read all about ‘em here.

The Minted people always guarantee a good time. We’ve loved having them involved and can’t wait to share them with you this holiday season. Are you a fan of Minted? I’m digging this holiday card this season. And this one. And this one.

We love to DIY and you better believe there will be a few different projects going on! We wanted to make sure this party would make your head explode. I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen. :)

Sound like a good time? You want to be there? RSVP to theproperpinwheel@gmail.com with the subject titled “EAT DRINK CREATE RSVP” to snag a spot! See you there!

To read more about past EAT DRINK CREATE events, click here! SPRING | SUMMER

DIY Individual Pie Slice Box

September 18, 2013


Remember that little summer party we had for EAT DRINK CREATE? And remember how we had a gazillion little slices of pie? And remember how I sneaked several of the slices and hid them in a special place to take home and devour after? Me too.

There are a million and one ways to make a pie box. You can buy cute cute ones online. Or you can save money and make them yourself. And then revel in glory as people admire your talent. ;)

DIY Pie Box


  • Pie Box Template (download at the bottom of this post)
  • Kraft Paper Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Bone Folder
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tissue Paper
  • Baker’s Twine & Wooden Utensil

DIY Pie Box

Print out the template on an 8.5 x 11 piece of kraft paper cardstock. Cut it out and use it to trace more if needed. You can fit two pie boxes on a 12 x 12 piece of kraft paper cardstock. Save a template to use when you have to make a large number of these pie slices.

DIY Pie Box

Using your bone folder, fold in all of the slanted flaps and then the three flat sides. Make sure you press hard and create sharp creases.

DIY Pie Box

Place a small dollop of hot glue on all the tiny flaps and press against the large sides with your finger. This should create a three-dimensional box.

DIY Pie Box

Confession: At IKEA in the checkout area, they provide their customers with lots of tissue paper to wrap your fragile items. Whenever I’m there, I take a huge stack of the tissue paper. Like a thief! I hate myself. But I can’t help myself because the tissue comes in all sorts of beautiful natural colors.

DIY Pie Box

Fill with a few small squares of tissue paper. Then, add the pie. This is tricky if you’re name is Lexy because you will most likely want to eat the pie. Resist! Resist, I tell you! Wrap the utensil to the box with a little baker’s twine and admire your pretty little dessert.


photography: top photo by Petit Soul Photography, all others by The Proper Pinwheel


August 1, 2013


So we had another EAT DRINK CREATE party here in Denver two weeks ago! Erin & I have been especially excited about this one because it was outside in a beautiful park setting. Let me tell you something. If you live in Denver, you just can’t count on the weather. We planned and planned and planned this event for months. I checked the weather 10 times a day for the 10 days leading up to the event. Clear skies. Clear skies. Clear skies. And then you wanna know how it all went down? Three hours before the event, the forecast changed to freak thunderstorms. FREAK! We made up our mind and said we are putting this on rain or shine. We went to the park and started setting up. Crazy, crazy wind showed up, but didn’t bring the rain with him. Hallelujah. It was super windy, but I’ll take it! Do you know what this kind of stress does to a prego gal?!?! I felt weathered. (pun intended)


Anyways, this was so fun to put on. I’ve been so stoked because we went with a picnic-y theme. Pulled out all the stops including gingham, lemonade, pie, and embroidery. Full on American picnic, you guys! The amazing Nicole of Petit Soul Photography captured the evening perfectly! And to see even more photos and tweets, check out the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate on Instagram & Twitter!


The sweet folks at Humble Pie provided the main dessert: the world’s greatest pie! I mean that. There was apple cheddar. There was strawberry rhubarb. There was cherry. My fave part is always the crust. Give me shortening and flour anyday! If you are ever in Denver visiting (me!!!!), I strongly urge you to stop by Humble Pie. You can’t stop at a slice. You just can’t.

We packaged the slices in individual pie boxes (I’ll share a tutorial very soon!), and wrapped them with love with twine and a wooden fork. HUGE thank you to Erin,Katie, and Annabelle (and her husband Cory!) for helping us get the pies and everything else set up! We love helpers! Love ‘em!


To keep things simple, we served some deliciously enormous cherries to our guests.




No picnic is complete without lemonade. Pink lemonade! Yellow lemonade! For everyone!


Bump shot. You are welcome.


These events are so much fun because we like to provide a little project/craft to everyone who comes along. We partnered with the gals at October Ink and had them design a little cherry graphic for us. The crafty ladies behind Fancy Tiger Crafts provided mini embroidery kits to each guest. Each kit was complete with the hoop, the thread, the fabric, and fun!


As always, we are so grateful to the companies that partner with us to help make these events possible. We also worked with local boutique, Common Threads, to make this event happen. We love love LOVE their shops. One in Denver and one in Boulder! Stop by and take a peek around. All sorts of cute stuff that you can wear to a picnic or to a holiday party! Yowza! They also offer creative classes to help you get your craft on!



We tossed blankets all over the park to make a comfy place for peeps to sit and socialize.

Halfway through the party, the crafty troops at Whimseybox - they just moved to Boulder! – raffled off three different boxes filled with different crafts! So generous. I was really jealous because I’m in love with Whimseybox and didn’t want to let the boxes go!


See that adorable banner?!? The folks at Minted provided some fancy schmancy party decor that fit our setting PERFECTLY! It also made an adorable photo backdrop for friends to take pics with.


Even babies traveled to embroider with us!


I absolutely love meeting all sorts of creative folks. I also get really blown away by how amazingly dressed everyone is. Someone. Please. Come and dress me.


I always love sharing the recaps of these events because Annabelle of Evergreen Lane Productions creates these amazing videos of the events! This one might be my new fave. It’s the song. It’s totally the song. Check it out!

Eat Drink Create – Summer from Annabelle Mintz on Vimeo.

We are so, so grateful to everyone who came out to the party! I’m so glad you braved the wind with us and that y’all had a good time! We are already starting to plan the holiday party, so get ready. The biggest thank you to these folks. We couldn’t have pulled this off without them! Stalk them. Do it.

Common Threads
Evergreen Lane Productions
Fancy Tiger Crafts
The Humble Pie Store
October Ink
Petit Soul Photography
Sarah Fritzler Design

I love partnering with Erin to throw these lil’ shindigs. To see her recap, click here!

Photos by Petit Soul Photography; video by Evergreen Lane Productions; Eat Drink Create logo bySarah Fritzler.


July 2, 2013

The time has come! Remember when I shared all of the details of the Spring EAT DRINK CREATE? Welp! It’s summer time and have Erin & I got a treat for you!?!?!?

EAT DRINK CREATE - An Event Series By The Proper Pinwheel & Art Social

If you are in or around the Denver area, or will be on July 18th, then you need to get your butt to this party! Ya hear me? We’ve been planning it for months and I’m so excited to share it with you. Think American picnic. Think red and white. Think gingham. Think cherries! Think PIE! This was, by far, one of the funnest events I’ve had the chance to plan and I can’t wait for it to get here!

What: EAT DRINK CREATE – a gathering of creative-minded folk where we snack, mingle, and make!

Who: Any blogger/maker/creative/foodie/craft junkie who lives in or is visiting Denver!

When: Thursday, July 18th. 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Wash Park at the corner of Virginia & Franklin

How: RSVP to theproperpinwheel@gmail.com with the subject title “EAT DRINK CREATE RSVP” to let us know you’ll be present!

We’ve partnered with the crazy awesome folks at Fancy Tiger Crafts & October Ink to bring a special little surprise to the first 50 to arrive to the partay. So don’t be late!

Some delicious and beautiful goodies from The Humble Pie Store & Minted will also be making an appearance!

Whimseybox just made the big move to Colorado and they’re excited to offer a few awesome prizes to be given away! Woo!

We had such a great time at the last EAT DRINK CREATE and we’re so excited to be having these parties a few times a year. Party all the time! To catch up on what went down at the last one, you can read all about it here! You can even watch this adorable short video by Evergreen Lane Productions all about EDC and what we do. And of course, you can always search the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate on Instagram or Twitter and catch up on the feed so you’ll have the 411!

See you there? See you there.

EAT DRINK CREATE – A New & Regular Happening

April 23, 2013


EAT DRINK CREATE event by The Proper Pinwheel and Art Social

A few weeks ago, Erin of Art Social and I held our first EAT DRINK CREATE event at West Elm here in Denver. We’ve been planning this event for several months and we were so thrilled to finally let the secret out! I know! There are so many secrets being spilled over here! We wanted an outlet that would bring bloggers and other creatives in the Denver area together. It’s been quiet around here for too long. I’ve met many of the people who attended the event and I wanted some kind of party where they could all meet each other! Erin and I decided that these events were going to happen every quarter and we’re already planning the summer and the fall! It’s gonna be good. ;)

**Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of this post. It captures the party so perfectly! And the music is so fun to dance to. ;)

The deets:

EAT – There were donut kabobs. There was popcorn. In TWO flavors! Have you ever had Doc’s Popcorn? The kettle corn is to die for. A little salt. A little sweet. My mouth just filled with saliva typing about it! We also had regular butter flavor for those who love movie popcorn. Again, these were mostly accommodating to my taste buds. And I ate (no joke) 5 bags of the stuff before the night was over. I’m unstoppable. I’m a machine!

DRINK – We served Mexican Jarritos in assorted flavors. We attached little tags with our logo stamped on. We also had bottles of water for those who were driving.

CREATE – What. The. Fringe. We  gave everyone cute mini lanterns that could be covered with fringe to make pinatas/fringe decor with. There was so much fringe. Everywhere. We had it all pre-cut and my house was filled to the brim with the stuff in the days leading up to the party. Luckily, it got all used up and I didn’t go home with any! Phew. I’m not into fringe storage.

Consumer Crafts was kind enough to donate a goodie bag to each attendee. These things were filled with some serious goods including baker’s twine and washi tape. Two necessities when considering serious crafting. (Huge thanks to Katie of Lemon Jitters for helping us with the hook up and for also donating the cutest little “hello” signs! We couldn’t have done it without you!)

Ban.do also threw in some cute pom pom flowers for everybody. I planned to just keep them all for myself, but about an hour before the party, I grew a conscience. Ack.

Kate Donaldson was our awesome photographer for the evening and she took so many great photos it was hard to pick which ones I wanted to share with you! The girl has a great eye and took a lot of fun photos of our guests!
edc 1

edc 02

Look at all the ban.do flowers! I’m coveting all over again… To see more of what’s inside these goodie bags, hop on over to Erin’s recap. They were seriously LOADED with goods.

edc 03

The dangerously delicious popcorn that I had in my hands all night. Five bags, people! I am beyond happy with our logo for these events. It was designed by the wonderful Sarah Fritzler! We also worked with her on designing the invitation for The Hello Social! The girl’s got game. I mean that.

edc 04

edc 05

edc 06

We all know that strawberry is the BEST flavor of this stuff. Artificially sweet. There’s nothing better in life.

edc 07

edc 08

edc 09

How cute is Erin? And how intense am I?

edc 10

These lovely ladies had me laughing all night. Their instagram captions were nothing short of hilarious. Go here to check out all the photos on the instagram feed! (#eatdrinkcreate)

Artifact Uprising at EAT DRINK CREATE #eatdrinkcreate

The awesome folks at Artifact Uprising gave away a custom Instagram book to one lucky attendee. Congratulations to Tara from Modern Maven for winning that lil’ sucker! Again, I’m so so jealous! Have you heard of Artifact Uprising? They have an amazing aesthetic. If there is a list for who to follow on Instagram, they’re at the top! @artifactuprising

edc 11

edc 12

edc 13

edc 14

This table looks neater than my house at the moment. Oh boy.

edc 15

edc 16

See? The popcorn. It was amazing.

edc 17

This is cute Jayne. She’s 1/2 of the October Ink equation and we were so happy she could come! She just moved to Denver and we wanted to welcome her properly. With a party, of course!

I can’t thank West Elm of Cherry Creek enough. Those folks love to party and we had a lot of fun working with them! PLUS – the store looked amazing and it was hard not to spend all the money that I don’t really have. Did you know that West Elm has a blog and that it’s filled with loads of useful decoration information?

edc 18

These two make me want to chop my hair off and dress really chic and stylish. I envy them and their coolness.

edc 19

A few of the gals (Emily from A Denver Home Companion, Sarah from Sarah Ann Noel, and Tara from Modern Maven) waiting for a photo op! It was so fun to have everyone together. Together and eating.

edc 20

Erin is a total dreamboat to work with. I couldn’t have picked a better partner for these events. She’s creative. She’s cute. And she’s oh-so-friendly. I can’t wait to start spilling the beans for the summer event! If you are in the Denver area, we want you there! It’s going to be big!

I’m so grateful to everyone who came! We had a blast getting to know you better and can’t wait to see you this Summer! Woo!

We also had Annabelle Mintz from Evergreen Lane Productions hanging around catching some vids for us. This is by far the funnest video I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m biased, but it’s cute. The music is super chipper. I dare you to watch it! It’s a quick little snippet that gives more insight into the fun we had at the first EAT DRINK CREATE!

Eat Drink Create – Spring from Annabelle Mintz on Vimeo.

A huge thank you to all those who contributed:

Consumer Crafts
Kate Donaldson
West Elm
Sarah Fritzler
Lemon Jitters
Annabelle Mintz
Artifact Uprising


photo cred: all photos by Kate Donaldson Photo