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Fresh \\ Found

February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! Can you believe it’s here? February is practically over! It may as well be Summer… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Last night, while Logan was asleep, I snuck into the bathroom and blew up a whole slew of V-day balloons and filled the tub with them! He appreciated it! He didn’t LOVE it, but he appreciated it. :)

Do y’all have some fantastic plans planned for this weekend? We are going to lay low. You know, because we have a baby and we are all boring now. However, we liked laying low PRE-VITA, so I don’t know what our excuse was then! We’ve got a little brunch date planned for tomorrow morning. And then lots of packing because, guess what, we are moving! The owners of our townhome have decided to sell our place and we don’t love it enough to buy it! I will be super sad to part with Vita’s nursery though. I spent most of my pregnancy working on that room! Tears. Tears are flowing…

Before I head off to go style a product shoot for some children’s clothing (follow along on Insta from some sneak peeks!), I’ll leave you with a few links to some amazing gold leaf projects for your weekend wonderment!

XOxOxOXO. I hope you get lucky this weekend.

Give an old chair a makeover!

These gold and wood bowls are perfect to store jewelry!

An easy deer sculpture with gilded antlers? Ok!

Make your own art for your place.

Custom gold-tipped shoes, my friends!

Gilded silverware. I’m on board.

Ceramic dishes with a gold touch.

Gold-leaf your desk!

**Happy Weekend**

photography: The Proper Pinwheel on Instagram via VSCO 

DIY Gold-leafed Greeting Cards

December 24, 2012

This project is a part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry 2012.

DIY, Gold-leafed, Greeting Cards, Holiday, Christmas Crafts, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012

You did it. It’s Christmas Eve and you forgot to send out cards. Or maybe you didn’t forget, but you were too busy saving lives. That’s what happened to me. Luckily, these cards are sooooo easy. So easy it hurts. These DIY Gold-leafed Greeting Cards are just the right amount of classiness when it comes to Christmas cards.

To make your own gold-leafed cards you’ll need:

DIY, Gold-leafed, Greeting Cards, Holiday, Christmas Crafts, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012

Using the glue pen from the gold-leafing kit, write out Christmas-y words like “Merry”, “Joy”, or “Money”. Write the letters in all caps and let the glue dry for a minute or two before pressing the gold sheet to the glue. Press the gold leaf down firmly and rub against the glue. After five minutes, take the foam paint brush and rub it against the gold leaf. The gold leaf will start to flake and leave only the glued pieces adhered to the glue.

DIY, Gold-leafed, Greeting Cards, Holiday, Christmas Crafts, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012

And that is it! Now you can relax and move on to more important things like making tonight’s dinner. What are you having? Chinese? Mexican? What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

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photo cred: Ashley Swapp Photography

Tut Tuesday: DIY Gilded Cake Stand

September 11, 2012

What up, what up, what up? To keep up with the old school crafts I’ve been bringing your way, let’s talk gold-leafing. It’s a lost art. But it’s makin’ a comeback. Isn’t that the best? All these cool old trends are now cool and new again? I have a few friends over 65 and they’ve been showing me how to do this. It’s actually super easy. In fact, I tweaked it a little so that you really don’t have to do anything. So let’s get started shall we? Read the how-to after the jump. ;)

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