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The Weekenders!

December 12, 2014


You guys! Can I get a pat on the back for posting every day this week?!? I know that probably seems like something small and ridiculous to you, but it was a lot of work for me to be able to do that! Babies make computer work tough, you know?!? I am so so so happy that the weekend is here. This is the first weekend in a long time that I have something more than just work to do! It’s Logan’s birthday on Sunday so we’re going to the movies tomorrow. YOU GUYS. A movie!!! I haven’t been to one in so long. I’m getting popcorn. And a drink. And maybe those little mini boxes of butterfingers that are way over-priced and the candy bars are eeny teeny, but you have to have them. I’m such a cheap date! Before I head off to dream about my movie snacks, I”ll leave you with a few links!

Let’s click!

Thanks, Buzzfeed, for including my reindeer pom pom gift wrap!

Printable gem stone gift tags!?! You bet.

We all need to try these snowball floats! They look pretty AND tasty!

I love Brittni’s ornament message board! So clever!

Chalkboard save-the-dates!

I still go back to these DIY clay lollipop ornaments!

Just picked up a bunch of these CB2 pink bowls from Studio DIY’s wedding!

I love this Sharpie gift wrap idea!


Catch up with Proper’s projects from this week!

DIY Macaron Christmas Ornaments

DIY Cactus Pom Pom Gift Wrap

DIY Peppermint Christmas Ornaments

DIY Wine Glass Holiday Wreaths


photography: The photo above is of a pie I made a few days ago. You know that I”m obsessed with pie. It’s so relaxing to just work with the crust and zone out for a few minutes. And when your bakeware is really cute, it absolutely puts you in the mood to bake! Find a pie pan like mine at American Bakeware!

Shopped \\ A Pie-tastic Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014

Cherry Pie Recipe Print from MINTED

We’ve now entered what I call Holiday Zone. It’s all holiday. All the time. And I don’t mind it! And I hope you don’t either. I’m sure y’all are gathering supplies for tomorrow’s tasty pies. I am slammed with Thanksgiving prep and couldn’t be happier about it. This year, we’re actually not having Thanksgiving dinner. We decided to drive around town and deliver meals to those who might need a lil’ pie in their lives. I’m totally not telling you this to brag about how good I’m feeling about myself. ;) I’m just really excited to do this this year as I feel like everyone can use a reminder of what the holiday season is really about. It’s about having a pie-tastic Thanksgiving!

Cherry Pie Recipe Print from MINTED Cherry Pie Recipe Print from MINTED Cherry Pie Recipe Print from MINTED Cherry Pie Recipe Print from MINTED Cherry Pie Recipe Print from MINTED

A few of these gems were given to the attendees of last month’s pie workshop (recap here on Style Me Pretty Living! ), including this pie print from Minted’s Limited Edition Art Prints!

The Ultimate Pie Supply

Natural Linen Apron | PIEBOX || Branch & Twig Server | Poppy Ring Pie Pan | French Rolling Pin | Norpro Pie Weights | Sweetie Pie Letterpress Card | Gold Twine | Cherry Pie Recipe Print

Happy Thanksgiving!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

The Weekenders!

October 31, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Happy Halloween! Let’s all go watch Hocus Pocus, okay?! (I’ve actually already watched it thrice this month. Logan LOVES me…) I can’t believe it, but the end of October is here. Where did that month go?!? We’re now entering into my most favorite and beloved time of year. I love the holidays! And this year, I had a head start on my Thanksgiving and Christmas projects, so get ready for those beauties!

Will you be dressing up tonight? Dressing the kids? The dog? The turtle? I hope that you’ll go out and find some way to celebrate in a spooky fashion! This is our first year taking Vita trick-or-treating and I am more excited than I was when I peed on a stick and found out I was with child. Okay, maybe equally excited. Before I was a mother, I always pictured taking my kids around the neighborhood dressed up for Halloween. I would get their candy, of course. Gotta protect! Tonight, my dreams finally come true with Little Red Riding Hood up there. If you want to see the rest of our costume ensemble tonight, follow along on Instagram!

Some light weekend reading:

Every wall needs wooden triangle shelves.

Downloadable gift wrap that’s perfect for Thanksgiving!

A guide to decorating with gourds and pumpkins!

Reason enough to have more babies – The Lollipop Guild!

A Kate Spade & Gap collab?!? I’ll take this & this & this & these for Vita!

Last minute Halloween gift: DIY Origami Vampire Fangs!

***Happy Halloween!***

photography: The Proper Pinwheel

The Weekenders

October 24, 2014


Oh baby! Only one more weekend until Halloween arrives! I may have stayed up until 3am every night this week working on costumes for myself, husb, and Vita-girl. I am SOOOOO excited about these. And the fact that they’re homemade? It just makes all my motherly dreams come true. I’m a soccer mom! Just kidding. I can barely keep my head above water, but we’re makin’ it.

If you’re feeling like you need to dress up tech for the Halloween festivities, well, look no further! I’m working with one of my fave designers and illustrators, Jordan Sondler, on some awesomely awesome printables for Christmas (right around the corner!) and we’re sharing a few of her Halloween downloads today! So click the links below to snag the pumpkin wallpaper, the ghost wallpaper, or both! The sizes are large enough for a computer and an iPhone so spread the spooky love, would ya?


Before I head off into the Halloween sunset, a few links for your weekend reading!

I’m ready for all the cookies. Are you?

I sometimes with I lived in Houston so I could party with Ashley on rooftops.

Dip-dye your save the dates! And recipe cards. And party invites!

Apple cider donuts that are BAKED!

Skulls can be beautiful.


I will wear all the oxfords.

**happy weekend**



graphics: design by Jordan Sondler

The Weekend Is Here

August 29, 2014

DIY Napkin Garland

Hola, friendlies! It’s Friday. It’s Labor Day Weekend. Is that not the best news you’ve ever heard? Long weekends are my fave. Long weekends and Vita and corn dogs. All my faves. Before I sign off and go spend the rest of my day and money at Target on the new Oh Joy! For Target line, here are a few links you gotta click! Ya gotta!

Kelly’s studio is going to be my second living arrangement. She knows this.

All the kids need these surprise lunch cards!

If you’re hosting, you need to read all these things. Tips for days, folks!

Pregnancy is soooo crazy. And Chels is actually making me miss it!

A freebie for your screenie!

A DIY Napkin Garland from yours truly.

Scalloped backdrop. A must.

These notebook tea cloths are inspiring!!!

**happy weekend**

photography: The Proper Pinwheel

End O’ The Week

August 1, 2014

DIY Popsicle Party Backdrop

My, oh my. It’s August. It may as well be Christmas now. Just kidding. I’m not ready for that. Though I have been working on a few big projects that you’ll be seeing come December. Sneak peeks coming soon! The weekends tend to fly by before I have a chance to really soak them in. I’m poor at time management when Friday rolls around. I think I have all weekend, and then BAM. It’s Sunday night and I’m getting depressed. Does this happen to you?

Before I sign off to go eat my weight in sugar-less weight watchers caramels (thanks, Diabetes), I’ll leave with you with a few of my fave projects and posts that made their way around the web this week! My fave? Of course it would be Vita sittin’ pretty in front of this DIY Popsicle Party Backdrop that I made over on You Are My Fave. You are having a popsicle party, right?


I’m thinking I need to make my way over to Manhattan Beach.

The kiwi is my fave! What’s yours?

Keep your kids safe in a digital age. Starring Vita.

A pineapple boat. No other words necessary.

Perfect picnics with origami boxes can happen.

 I may spend tomorrow afternoon making salt water taffy!

All the macarons. The fruity macarons.

You NEED these flamingo straws in your life. We all do.

photography: The Proper Pinwheel for You Are My Fave

Goodbye 2012: A Roundup & A Thank You

December 31, 2012

I cannot believe the year is over! So many wonderful things have happened and I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store! Yikes! This blog has come to mean so much to me and I’ve worked so hard to make it a place where people can come to feel inspired to create and entertain. I hope that’s what you feel when you come here! From DIYs to giveaways (are you the winner of the $100 in stamps to Oh, Hello Friend?!?), I’ve tried to keep things interesting. Whether you’re an old reader or a new reader, here’s a quick roundup of a few posts that I love. Some are the most popular and some are my faves. I’ve also included a sneak peek of something happening early next year that I can’t keep secret for much longer!

The Proper Pinwheel, 2012 fave posts, 2012 Roundup

Wooden Fruit Cups | Pinhole Stationery | Lemon Sorbet Cups

The Proper Pinwheel, 2012 Roundup, Fave Posts

DIY Color-blocked Neon Pots

The Proper Pinwheel, Fave Posts, 2012 Roundup

Circus Party Featured on Daily Candy

The Proper Pinwheel - 2012 Fave Posts

Mission: Merry 2012 | Nutcracker Jar Toppers

The Proper Pinwheel, Fave Posts 2012

Santa & Reindeer Garland

When I wrote this post at the beginning of this year, I had great things planned for The Proper Pinwheel. I wasn’t sure how to make them happen. I wasn’t sure if I was talented enough. And I wasn’t 100% positive that I would be able to keep you coming back for more. But here we are one year later. And we’ve had a site re-design. And we’ve been featured on some pretty great places like Apartment Therapy, Daily Candy, Curbly, and more! So many amazing opportunities have come my way and I’ve made some pretty amazing friends. It’s like they always say: “Cyber friends are true friends.” ;)

I can’t wait for 2013 to start. I’m here in Utah and there’s gonna be a cuh-razy NYE party going on at my parent’s house tonight. There will be games. And there will be food. I’m mostly excited for the latter. C’mon! Who else has gained their holiday weight? Am I alone? We plan to go sledding tomorrow so check in on Instagram and see what my ridiculously fun family is up to. We pull tubes and sleds behind vehicles. Like crazy people.

One of my resolutions was to find a way to make it to Altitude Design Summit. I posted about my love of Alt here. And do you know what is so crazy? I’m not only going, but I now work for them! (Taken any classes lately?) And I am working on something great for that sweet little conference in January. If you are an Alt first-timer, then this is for you:

Newbie Party, Blogger Social, West Elm Salt Lake City, Altitude Design Summit

Melissa of Lulu The Baker and I have something very special in the works. I can’t wait to start spilling the beans over the next few weeks!

As the year comes to a close, I want to get really sappy for two minutes and say how GRATEFUL I am that you come here and read what I have to say. I’m also flattered when you share your projects with me! I always hope that you leave this blog feeling inspired and happy. <—– Main goal right there. Thank you for laughing at my jokes and cheering me on when I need to just vent and confide. I feel so much support from you and feel like I have one huge family. Thank you for your friendship. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for all of us. :)

Happy New Year!

big kiss, little hug,