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Have You Visited The Neighborhood?

January 15, 2013

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So remember when I told you about this crazy-cool new site called The Neighborhood? It’s the perfect place to go for inspiration for your life at home. If you need tips for organization, or recipe ideas for your neighbor kids, there’s definitely something there for you. These articles are life-savers. In more ways than one. Seriously. They’ll change your life. You need to know how to organize your rental. You should probably be up to date on the tips to make the perfect snowman. You should also be an expert in caring for your winter skin. Here are a few articles I’ve written that you’re sure to enjoy. (cough, cough, hint, hint.)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

November 6, 2012

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There’s a new site in town, and it’s called The Neighborhood. It’s all about bringing back the neighborhood block party. And helping you build friendships with your neighbors instead of closing the garage door before you get out of the car (guilty!). Vivint created The Neighborhood as a place to go for tips on being a good neighbor, a green neighbor, a safe neighbor, and an all-around-totally-awesome neighbor. And you know what? I get to be a contributor…

That’s right. I tricked them into letting me share my tips and tricks for bringing people together. You know I’m all about any and all forms of entertaining so this should be a good time. And there is a ginormous group of talented bloggers involved. I look at the page and think, “What the freak is my mug doing on this page?!?” I’ve already written a few articles so head on over there and read how to organize a legit fantasy football league or what meals to take to those neighbors in need.

There are some cute little printables to be downloaded and we’ve got some stuff cookin’ for the holidays. I hope you’ll check it out!

 Do you live in a neighborhood? What’s it like? Are you close with your neighbs?